Back before there was Trooper or Streetheart, Harlequin or Prism, Goddo or April Wine, there was a 
unique brand of Rock and Roll, rolling down the highways of this great country. 

It was hard and heavy like a thunderhead. It was 4 on the floor, pedal to the metal, driving music. 
It was red-blooded blue-collar rock for the working-man to crack an ice-cold beer and sing along to. 
It was… Bachman-Turner Overdrive! 

Now, after years of toiling in the backwoods bars and stages along those same Canadian highways, 5 musicians have come together to form Canada’s first, and only tribute to BTO, Blue-Collar Overdrive!! 
All those grinding guitar riffs. All those thunderous drums. All those larger than life anthemic vocals we all grew up with are back. 

Live and loud. Comin’ to you across country hoping boogie’s still allowed!! 
Gearheads and casual fans alike are going to have the time of their lives at a BCO show. 

From Takin’ Care of Business and Hey You, to Lookin’ out for #1 and Roll On down The Highway, Blue 
Collar Overdrive will play all those party favourites that’ll have you up on your feet, singing along, with your hands in the air. 

“You ain’t seen nothing yet” until you’ve seen Blue Collar Overdrive!

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